Our sleeves are made from a soft cloth that helps protect the skin from getting burned by the hot or cold temperatures of the gel packs. The sleeve protects the skin from being in direct contact of the gel pack. Different sleeves (size dependant) come with a velcro strap to form and hold the pack around the body.

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Product Description

Order cloth sleeves for these Comfort Gel Packs:
Pack Price (per sleeve)
4 x 4.5″ $2.00
4 x 9″ (without cloth) $2.00
6 x 7″ (without cloth) $2.00
6 x 10″ $2.00
9 x 12″ $3.50
10 x 15″ $3.75
5 x 18″ $3.00(10″ strap)
$3.50(18″ strap)
(Great for 3rd molar extractions)
7 x 25″ $4.25

Sleeves can be screen printed in standard WHITE ink for an additional $.85per sleeve (a minimum of 48 sleeves required).
There is an additional setup fee of $50.00 for all new screens (screens that are inactive for 6 months will be recycled)