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4” Round with cloth


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Compact and Convenient Cooling Gel Packs

The 4” round pack is one of our most popular sized cooling gel packs. It’s a palm-sized pack that is convenient for icing any small area and serve as perfect dental ice packs. With a cloth barrier sealed to one side, it eliminates the need to put a sleeve or towel between the pack and the skin. Although they were designed for post biopsy care, they have come to be used in many medical fields. This includes dermatology and plastic surgery for post-filler treatment and with dentistry for tooth extractions. These cloth covered ice packs are great for small joint pain, arthritis issues, swelling, sprains and more. These small sized cooling gel packs are recommended by doctors, dentists, cosmetologists, physical therapists and professional caregivers. When you need reliable custom cold & heat therapy packs choose cloth covered ice packs with various sizes to target any body part for natural pain relief.

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