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with cloth 4 x 9″


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Ice Packs for Injuries in a 4 x 9 Size with Cloth

The 4×9” Comfort Gel Pack is a good choice if you’re looking for ice packs for injuries. They are small and simple and are great for ice treatment. They are commonly used for acute injuries and can dramatically help reduce swelling where this is a problem. Ice packs can help minimize swelling around many types of injuries, reduce bleeding into the tissues and reduce muscle spasm and pain.

This 4×9” Comfort Gel Pack is an ideal size for wrapping around smaller body parts such as a your head, wrist, ankles, feet or heel. They also have been proven a popular choice in dermatology for post-brow filling. Like many of our other smaller packs, the 4×9” gel pack is offered with cloth backing if you prefer to eliminate the need for a towel or sleeve.

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